Air Conditioning London / R22 Ban - Are you compliant?

R22 Ban - Are you compliant?

Airconditioning London Beat the R22 Ban


2014 was the deadline for total ban on R22 gas filled units.

Many R22 units will be unserviceable and obsolete and under law must be replaced.

Hitecsa UK Ltd offer fast installation of new units, enabling your business to continue operating with minimal disruption to staff and working environment. Residential tenants in premises with R22 units will equally be affected by the ban on R22, leaving many landlords and tenants alike in a dire situation, as it will cause total disruption to businesses, landlords and tenants who did not prepare for 2014.


As a result of the Montreal Protocol, the European Union is now committed to reducing harmful emissions across the continent, with the focus of recent regulation set on plant and machinery installed within buildings.

Previous efforts stemming from the EU ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances) Regulation 2009 have seen the rapid phasing out of chlorofluorocarbons used in appliances such as fridges.

That focus has now shifted to the phasing out of hydro chlorofluorocarbons, which are currently used in air conditioning systems (AC) in the form of refrigerant gas R22 (“R22”). In 2004, the use of new (“virgin”) R22 in any new AC systems was prohibited.

That was followed in 2010 with a ban on using virgin R22 to maintain existing AC systems. Today, only recycled R22 can be used to maintain such equipment, although the scarcity of this supply has meant that obtaining it comes at a premium price.

31st December 2014 there was an outright ban of recycled R22. After this AC systems running on R22 requiring any repairs or maintenance which requires the decanting or topping up of recycled R22 will be totally illegal.

This will have a profound effect on both landlords and tenants, in business and residential environments.

To address this issue, landlords may be able to use an alternative refrigerant gas for their existing AC system, although this may not be technically possible and/or maybe cost prohibitive if replacement parts are required, which will be the case in many situations.

The second option, which for most will be the only option and most cost effective, will be a complete replacement of the existing AC system with a new system that uses a permitted gas.

What can you do?

This is where Hitecsa UK can assist you and your business. Firstly we can inspect your units and system now and determine if your unit can actually be adapted or suitable for new replacement eco-friendly gas. If not, Hitecsa UK can efficiently and cost effectively replace your system and ensure your company / business can continue business and staff are ensured a healthy working environment, with minimal disruption and cost.

The immediate replacement required legally for non-serviceable systems, Hitecsa UK strongly recommend that both landlords and tenants act quickly, as the R22 ban will no doubt result in tenants and landlords caught in bitter litigation, due to tenancy contracts which are either ambiguous or do not cover replacement of air-conditioning systems.


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